Virginia Astley:
The not-so-prolific Virginia Astley has been associated with everyone from David Sylvian (of Japan, the group) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (of Japan, the country) to Pete Townshend (of the Who) and The Campbells (who?). Astley's solo work is generally considered "pastoral ambient", one of those "we don't know what it is but it sure ain't rock" kind of categories. Here's a discography that still has a lot of question marks on it, though is closer to complete than any other that i've seen: VIRGINIA ASTLEY DISCOGRAPHY.

Felt / Denim:
There is so much to say about Lawrence Hayward and his three fabulous bands that cannot be contained in mere web-pages. i started this discography well before my introduction to the internet and have on and off updated it. There is a good Felt / Denim website, see below for a links page and it has a very good discography, but i had already started mine before i found it, so, rather than waste all my work, here is my own exhaustive, though i'm sure not complete, discography. FELT / DENIM DISCOGRAPHY

The Hit Parade:
The Hit Parade are "London's No. 1 Pop Group." Their records are a "better buy because they're better songs." But be careful, because they contain "thoughtful lyrics and tuneful singing that may cause offence." At least, according to the record sleeves. Go to the HIT PARADE DISCOGRAPHY

Long Fin Killie / Bows:
Sometimes sounding a bit like Mark E. Smith from the Fall (who does guest on one song) fronting the Wedding Present, Long Fin use more oddball instruments, more weird time signatures and more very disturbed sexual imagery than you can shake a stick at, in their apparently never ending search to confuse everyone while making strangely funky records. Bows has followed, though less prolifically, in this tradition. To get you started on the slippery slide into their music, here are the LONG FIN KILLIE & BOWS DISCOGRAPHIES.

A constant whirlwind of Mary Chain-like feedback layered over song structures that William and Jim could only dream about signaled the start of the short-lived career of Stephen Lawrie and the Telescopes. By the time that they were gone, some 3 years later, they had stripped away all of the noise and become another "Creation Band," but at first... ah, what a rush. TELESCOPES DISCOGRAPHY

Telstar Ponies:
Featuring Brendan O'Hare, a former member of Teenage Fanclub, the Telstar Ponies combined 1 part each of Beat Happening, My Bloody Valentine & the Patti Smith Group in a blender with 4 parts pure unadulterated Krautrock and a genius sense of paranoia and came up with what, i am convinced, will be remembered as the first important signpost on the journey into the next phase of British indie rock. TELSTAR PONIES DISCOGRAPHY

The Wolfhounds were, for my money, the greatest of the C86 bands. No competition. Following their demise, the members splintered off into a variety of directions, most notably, the now also defunct Moonshake. There is an excellent Moonshake page (see links page) that contains a variety of Wolfhounds photographs, press clippings as well as a Wolfhounds discography, but, as i had already started my own before running into it so, here is my WOLFHOUNDS DISCOGRAPHY.