last checked on May 19, 2001. Please drop me a line if you find any that don't work.

the Ectophiles Guide To Good Music: Check this site out, i think you'll like it.
Felt and Denim: An excellent resource for one of my favorite artists (it has not been updated for several years, though).
Godflesh: You owe it to yourself to check this site out, even if you don't like Godflesh--it is a model of how a music website should be run. Robert (Loop) Hampson had a brief stint as a guitarist with the ultra-heavy Godflesh following the collapse of Loop and prior to the birth of Main (see below).
J. G. Ballard: You readers out there, this site warrants your immediate attention.
Les Disques du Crepuscuple and Factory: For more information than you can shake a stick at regarding the most interesting 2 record labels of the 1980's, you need to visit Frank Brinkhuis's amazing compendium.
Main: For a beautifully constructed repository of useful info about Robert (Loop) Hampson's latest incarnations (it also hasn't been updated in quite a while) (Also, pleae note the owner has a link to my old Loop discography and my very old e-mail address, neither of which work any longer).
Moloko: How about dance music? If you are like me, you will fully support the immensely strange and disturbing work of this band. Do yourself a favour and check them out.
Moonshake: A fine page containing a lot of archival material regarding the Wolfhounds as well as Moonshake info.
Moose: Hey, you like Moose, dontcha? If not, you should.
New Model Army: The official homepage of one of the best bands going.
Too Pure: For the label home of Long Fin Killie and Bows.
Red Box: The only site going about one of the best groups you've never heard of.
The Supersonic Guide: For a portal to all of your fav English bands, this is second to none.