Information about Loop seems to be bizarrely scarce. This is, i believe, the only online resource devoted to the band (though there are several about Robert Hampson's subsequent project, Main). Often lazily compared to Spacemen 3 and their ilk, Loop explored (and discovered) very different sonic landscapes. In the coming months, i plan to be adding substantially to this site, with the inclusion of reviews and articles (i am assembling them now, if you have any that you can part with or scan for me, please get in touch) and discographies of related projects, most obviously the Hair and Skin Trading Company. In the meantime, my Loop discography is available in TWO versions: LOOP DISCOGRAPHY with cover art and LOOP DISCOGRAPHY without cover art.
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry:
One of the multitude of sorely overlooked late eighties/early nineties English guitar bands, who have long deserved a much larger following than they got. Today, thanks to the goofballs over at Cleopatra records, RLYL are mainly remembered as a "Goth" band. While RLYL may have had some similarities with certain elements of the "Goth" scene, they are a much more evolved and engaging band than the claptrap that is peddled as "Goth" these days. Please follow this link to THE UNOFFICIAL RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY WEBPAGE, which i am proud to have inherited from Mr. Evan Garrett. Or go here for the basic discography