Movies of which i am particularly fond
In order of release

Title: Country and Date: Director(s):
The Life & Death of Colonel Blimp UK 1943 Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
Singin' In The Rain US 1952 Gene Kelley and Stanley Donen
Diabolique FRA 1954 Henri-Georges Clouzot
North By Northwest US 1959 Alfred Hitchcock
Lawrence of Arabia UK 1962 David Lean
The Ruling Class UK 1972 Peter Medak
The Wicker Man UK 1973 Robin Hardy
Kagemusha JAP 1980 Akira Kurasawa
The Road Warrior AUS 1981 George Miller
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence UK/JAP 1983 Nagasi Oshima
Insignificance UK 1985 Nicolas Roeg
Peking Opera Blues HK 1986 Tsui Hark
Withnail And I UK 1987 Bruce Robinson
Tetsuo JAP 1988 Shinya Tsukamoto
Joe Versus The Volcano US 1990 John Patrick Shanley