update archive

update 12/8/2002: felt discography revamp; updated lists that have not been changed in a while; updated discographies where neccessary; generally cleaned things up

update 1/12/02: finalization of the best of 2001 list, slight format changes to best of, movie, and book lists. Also, the birth of Cyd Talulah, whose progression through life is being charted at cydweb, which was designed by Bronwen and has been updated by both of us. Check it out if you'd like.
update 5/22/00: did a LOT of updating (thanks to a number of people who know who they are, but who others will know once i go back through the emails and post their names)
update 12/22/99: updates to the Loop discography (thanks MONTY MEIER and EK)
update 10/15/99: updates to Red Lorry Yellow Lorry page (thanks MARK TURRELL), Virginia Astly discography (thanks DAN MARYON), and Telescopes discography.
update 9/30/99: more updates to Loop discography, added to the best of '98 list
update 7/16/99: Added a link to THE UNOFFICIAL RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY WEBPAGE. See RLYL section for the link
update 4/26/99: more updates to Loop discography (also major punctuation overhaul!). Very bad news about Long Fin Killie-see their discography page
update 4/4/99: more minor updates to Loop discography.
update 3/27/99: updated Felt / Denim discography.
update 3/24/99: updates to Loop and Wolfhounds discographies.